Individual Tickets for Sex With Strangers go on sale March 12, 2018.
Indvidual Tickets for An Iliad will go on sale April 23, 2018

See below for Flex Pass Options


4 Ticket Standard Flex Pass (current season)

$75 (Save $10)

Do you want to avoid processing fees? Buy a flex pass of 4 tickets that can be used in any combination for any performance. Buyers of a flex pass get four tickets, saving $10. You can buy a Flex Pass now and reserve your actual dates later. Flex Pass buyers will receive a redemption code that enables them to use their pass on the website and not have to contact the box office. They can be used for tickets the evening of the performance through your box office (as long as tickets are still available).

Non refundable.  Performance dates and venue may change without warning


4 Ticket Subscription Package (current season)

$75 EACH (Save $10)

This is a fixed subscription. For each subscription, the buyer receives five (4) tickets saving $10.  Season Tickets are restricted to 1 pass ticket per show, so they can't use them ALL for a single performance or show. Currently, there are Thursday, Friday and Saturday packages. This will reserve the same seat for each show. Note that you have the ability to exchange tickets up 24 hours before curtain if you should develop a conflict.

ADD the Murder Mystery Fundraiser and Save on that evening as well. 

$115 (Save $15 and guarantee a place at the Murder Mystery today)

Non refundable.  Performance dates and venue may change without warning. Venue change may affect the seats selected slightly.

GifT Certificates


Give the gift of the arts to your friends, family, colleagues and loved ones. Introduce them to all things ABSOLUTE! Each gift certificate can be purchased in any amount and may be redeemed online or through our box office. 

Introduce all your friends to all things ABSOLUTE by wearing our logo on your chest!  
Shirts are available in S, M, L and XL and can be purchased through our box office.