Murder Mysteries


Collaboration with Elder Network

Up to twice a year, Absolute Theatre, through Co-Founder Suzie Hansen, collaborates with Elder Network of Rochester, MN, to write, cast, and direct a murder mystery to be performed at the Plummer House.  These fundraisers for Elder Network have raised over $80,000 in support of their mission to provide emotional and social support for regional seniors and their families. We are honored to work with Elder Network and volunteer our skills for this valuable community resource.

In June, we performed the original murder mystery, Savannah in Style or Death With A Knife Pleat for the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester. Jessica Sund, Operations Assistant for the group wrote:

[Absolute Theatre's Murder Mystery was] "a record breaking Auction Package that raised $11,700 for Rochester’s youth who need us the most. I am without words for all of your generosity and creativity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of Boys & Girls Club of Rochester, and all the amazing kids we serve! Well done, and Congratulations!"

We have also performed other for silent auctions and as corporate entertainment.  Contact us for additional information.

Other Mysteries:

Savannah Style or Death with a Knife Pleat, February  2018 (Elder Network)

Mayhem and Murder at Manchester Manor, December 2017 (Absolute Theatre Fundraiser)

Mayhem and Murder at Manchester Manor, November 2017 (Mayo Clinic)

Mayhem and Murder at Manchester Manor,  October 2017 (Elder Network)

Savannah Style or Death With A Knife Pleat, June 2017

Sealed with a Deadly Kiss, February 2017

High Spirits, October 2016

In Cahoots, February 2016

Sensational Speakeasy, October 2015