One of the few prop necessities of Ruhl's DMCP are "houses made of embossed paper" as part of a magical transformation which takes place in a stationary store.  In her notes to the director, she pleads with us to touch, feel, and relish high quality paper. (Incidentally, her paper and art intersections have led to numerous academic studies, if interested.) While prepping to tell her story while serving the text, I picked up a just published non-fiction book called "Paper: Paging Through History" by Mark Kurlansky, (who also wrote "Salt" and "Cod").  From clay and stone to papyrus and cotton rags, we've been writing for only about 5,000 years!  Kurlansky reminds us that paper didn't create writing, but was improved to better serve the writing needs of commerce, recording, and storytelling.  It's a fascinating deep study on a common object, and I'm thankful to Ruhl for nudging me in this direction.  For DMCP, my intent is to have the metaphorical power of paper gain its rightful role on our stage.  Stay tuned and see you at auditions Sept 19!